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Welcome, friend! So glad you're here.

I’ve created two free (because of course!) pdf resources that dive deeper into the material in my talk, When Your Husband Leaves the Faith. Each is designed to hopefully help you navigate life a little easier when your husband is in the midst of a faith crisis or has walked away from Christianity.

I’d love to send you both, along with my once-a-month email update, when you click below and drop me your email address.

The resources contain:

  • Differences between a safe friend and an unsafe friend to confide in regarding your husband's faith journey

  • Scriptures and prayer suggestions to help you connect with God in an uncertain season.

My monthly email (titled A Deeper Invitation) is the primary way I share my writing, including glimpses into my personal life. It's brief, interactive, and I respond personally to my readers' replies to me. I never blow up my peeps' inboxes or share your email address with others. I value your trust.

Hey, PS. I sure hope you stay around for the long haul--I love having you!--but you are of course welcome to hop off my email list at any time. Zero strings attached. <3 

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