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I love to speak to women's groups, retreats, luncheons, girls' nights, etc. I'm also available to speak for video meetings and online conferences or retreats. The following are a few of my favorite topics. Have a different subject in mind? Drop me a line and let's chat.

"But I'm Not Creative!"
The Invitation in Uncertainty

When it comes to creativity, there seem to be the "haves," and the "have nots." So many of us convince ourselves we aren't creative, but this was never God's design. Whether you're aware of it yet or not, you are creative, and you were made to live a life of creative partnership with God. Art is so much more expansive than painting, drawing, or making music, though it includes those. I use Ephesians 2:10 in this talk as a springboard to uncover God's invitation into a uniquely artful life: wide awake, wholehearted, and present; vulnerably offering our singular selves to our world in ways that bring our hearts to life and position us to be drawn into deeper, more authentic connectedness with our Maker.

A long wait for answers in unresolved circumstances is one of the most agonizing pieces of the human experience. A scary diagnosis. A key relationship on the rocks. Our employment ends unexpectedly. A new virus looms large. In scenario after scenario, uncertainty and fear invade in tandem, and our natural response is to desperately demand answers or resolution from God. But often, they don't come quickly... or ever. In this talk, I use scripture along with my own compelling life stories of fear, loss, uncertainty, and trust, and invite listeners to move from a desperation for certainty, further into the heart of the God of mystery. I uncover His personal invitation that leads us deeper than any answer or outcome could ever satisfy--into a deepened trust and intimacy with the Almighty.

Leading Worship

I am also a worship leader, with 20 years of experience leading worship in both church service and retreat settings. I am available to come in and lead solo on guitar, or to lead your already assembled worship band on keys. I would be honored to be able to provide the opportunity for your church or smaller group to draw nearer to God's heart in this way.

Video of me leading worship with my church family is available below--it's the very last song, about the last 9 minutes of the service. The song is Endless Ocean, by Johnathan David Helser.

When Your Spouse Leaves the Faith

When your spouse unexpectedly abandons the love for Christ you've always shared, it can feel like the rug's been yanked out from under you in nearly every facet of your life. In this talk, I share specifically with others whose spouses have stopped considering themselves believers in Jesus. I offer glimpses into my own emotional and spiritual journey through my husband's rejection of Christianity years into our marriage. I also give practical tips on walking beside your own spouse during or after a faith crisis, and help you unearth the unique, personal ways God is inviting you deeper into His own heart in the midst of what can be an incredibly confusing, scary time.

Interested in having me speak or lead worship for your event? Contact me here, or send an email straight to

Thanks for reaching out! I'll respond asap.

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