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Write the Raw [Five Minute Friday: Write]

Hey my friends,

Another (almost) Friday, another  FMF!

If Five Minute Friday is new to you, here’s how we roll:

5 minutes. 1 word. No editing. Write your guts – however they come out.  Then encourage some other writers by reading and commenting.  Easy and fun and relationship-building. 🙂

Join us here this week if you’d like.  You won’t regret it.

K.  Here we go.  The prompt this week is:


Write.  Write your guts.  Write your heart.  Write His heart.

Why?  It’s about self-discovery and God-discovery and Christ-in-you discovery.

It’s about freedom.  Discovering the depths of freedom that can be found when we allow Him to express Himself through our keyboards and computer screens.  Through our unique personalities.  Through our individual life experiences.  Through our stories.

It’s about courage.  Plumbing the depths of our own hearts and exposing them for the world to see because maybe, just maybe, our rawness will bring freedom to someone else.  The raw of our experiences, not figured out, not packaged neatly, not well-put-together.  Just– raw.

The right now of what Jesus is doing in our hearts.

So write.  Write to figure it out and figure you out and figure Him out.  And even simply to encounter Him way down deep inside you, in all of the not-yet-figured out places.

Write the here and now.  The messy.  The hurting.  The bleeding.

The becoming-beautiful.

Write it.


Settle into who you most deeply are.


So y’all, I’m trying this thing where I see the prompt and then just WRITE with NO thinking.  I try to get completely away from analyzing what I’m about to say and just SAY it without worrying about how it sounds.  I know this is what FMF is supposed to be about, but I think I’m going there at a new level these days.  Anyway– this is just what came out tonight.  Feels super vulnerable to not think AT ALL and just put it out there.  BUT– here ya go.  Here’s my raw.

Know someone who'd appreciate this?

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