• Dana L. Butler

Why We Need to Experience God in Stillness

Nothing will cry out more silently, or more desperately, than our hearts.

At the deepest level, our hearts cry out for a sense of belonging.  A sense of being known and understood.  A place to let down, rest, and be brought back to life.

But the world is busy and our lives are loud and these silent-but-desperate cries of our hearts are easily ignored.

The other day I found myself sitting before the Lord, asking myself and Him this question, “Why?  WHY, when this is the place my heart needs to be more than anywhere else, does it tend to be the last place I turn?”

A few reasons strike me off the top of my head:

  1. Other sources of belonging, acceptance, affirmation, relationship— they feel more tangible.

  2. Other sources offer more immediate perceived relief to our thirsty hearts.

  3. Other sources are louder, more in-our-face.  They beg for our attention.

But in the end, if we’re not being resourced by Him in the secret place, the other life-sources really aren’t life at all.  They drain us dry.

So how do we do this?  How to we come and sit before Him and allow Him to move and speak and fill our hearts with life?


My writing is being hosted today by my sweet friend Heather at My Melodious Heart.  The focus of her blog this month is encountering Jesus in stillness.  Could I invite you to join me at Heather’s place today to finish reading?  So honored to be guest posting for her today.

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