• Dana L. Butler

Why I Want Out of Ordinary [Five Minute Friday]

Hey my friends,

Another (almost) Friday, another  FMF!

If Five Minute Friday is new to you, here’s how we roll:

5 minutes. 1 word. No editing. Write your guts – however they come out.  Then encourage some other writers by reading and commenting.  Easy and fun.

I’m experiencing these crazy free write sessions a little differently than I have before.  Much more raw and un-thought-through. It’s a little scary but fun and freeing too.

Join us here this week if you’d like.  You won’t regret it.

K.  Here we go.  The prompt this week is:


Ordinary?  What is that, anyway?

The  tasks and events of our day-in-day-out life?  Our ordinary days?  Is there really any such thing as ordinary?

Because in the midst of every moment and every circumstance, every poopy diaper and every cooked meal and every kid chauffeured, doesn’t Jesus wait to be discovered?

Isn’t He there, pursuing our hearts, whispering and even sometimes shouting through the events of our lives–“I love you–I desire you–I delight in you–I want all of you–I’m worthy of your trust…”

I so want to escape from “ordinary.”  I want to see my everyday as opportunity.  To embrace every moment and every circumstance because none of it is ordinary and all of it is opportunity for intimate encounter with His heart.  Opportunity to know Him, to know myself in Him, to settle more fully into my identity in Him, to glorify Him by enjoying Him in my not-so-ordinary.

This is how we’re invited to live.

I want to respond to Him, say a wild, free, abandoned, whole-hearted YES to His invitation.  To discern His nearness within my moments and be tender toward Him in my deepest places.

I want out of ordinary.

I want to live in exciting, ever-deepening companionship with Him.


Eeeeee… cringing– and publishing without re-reading!


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