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Why God Speaks So Quietly

Isaac ate all his lunch yesterday. It was a very big deal. In our household, with our generally-picky eater, this is cause for great celebration. Indeed, there was much rejoicing. Isaac: “Isaac ate all his turkey!  All his banana!  All his granola bar!  All his lunch!  Ate dessert!  Isaac ate all his lunch!!!!”  (To be read aloud in slurred two-year-old-still-chewing-last-bite-of-dessert language.) Mommy: “Good job buddy!!  You ate it all!!!!” I walked over to him, wiped off his hands and face, congratulating him all the while on his triumph. And then, as I lifted him out of his high chair, I paused.  Held his face right in front of mine. “Isaac, buddy, look at Mommy’s eyes.  Hey, look at my eyes, bud.“ It took him a minute, me holding him still (well, sort of).  Finally calmed down and turned his gaze to meet mine. Smiling into his big brown eyes, I whispered:  “I am so proud of you.  Good job eating, Isaac.” His eyes lit up and I knew – in the midst of all the noisy, wild rejoicing – what really penetrated, deep into his heart… was my whispered “well done.”

Whispers Pierce Deepest My own heart paused in that moment as the Father caught my attention.  It’s His whispered words that penetrate my heart the most deeply, too.  More deeply than loud celebrations or enthusiastic proclamations.   Whispers pierce our hearts the most deeply. Why?  God’s whispers require me to slow. down.  To wrangle my distracted, busy mind, to choose to still my heart and meet the gaze of my Maker. It was Isaac’s stillness, his eyes slowing down enough to meet my gaze, that allowed the weight of my “well done” to sink deep into his heart and light up his eyes. And it’s when we are still inside that the whispers of our Father have the power to deeply, tenderly take hold of our hearts.  It’s the whispers that undo us, that overwhelm our hearts with His delight. Today friends, may we be still. May we meet His gaze.  May His whispered delight pierce our hearts, deep. And may we respond.  May we surrender to His love.

~~~A quick note from Dana~~~

Dear Friends,

During our recent giveaway, I asked the question, “What would you like to hear/see more of at Moments and Invitations?  Are there specific topics you’d like me to address?”

Here was a piece of an answer I received from my friend Lisa:

“Would love to see you address some practical ways to seek Him and use the moments well in the middle of crazy days with kids always needing something. Practical ideas on how to stop in the middle of it all and see Him. You’ve done this some and I suspect there is more coming.”

Lisa, thank you so much for responding to my question!!  Today’s post is definitely an example of a moment that I found myself pausing to experience the nearness of God, His pursuit of my heart, in the midst of the day-to-day busyness of motherhood.  Though my actual physical stillness in this moment probably amounted to 2.3 seconds, I was pondering and responding internally to His whisper to my heart as I went about my tasks for probably the next 30 minutes or more.

Just thought I’d throw out a practical, “here’s what this looked like for me…” or what it looked like on this particular day, anyway. Blessings to you all, friends.  May His nearness be tangible to you as you go about the tasks to which He’s called you today.


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