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When Holidays Hold More Sorrow than Joy {a guest post at (in)courage}

Oh my friends, how I am enjoying this season of silence.  I’m reading books and filling lined pages with unedited longing for Him and relishing long conversations and taking life slow this holiday season.

The slowed pace is fresh air to my heart.

And yet — how I am missing sharing my heart here and experiencing the companionship with y’all that I so treasure.

I wrote the following post for (in)Courage back in August, and am excited to tell you today’s the day — it’s live!  I’d love for y’all to come over and read, and it’d bless my lil’ socks if you feel inclined to share your heart in the comments — whether you share a piece of your own story, or speak grace to someone else in the midst of theirs.

You guys encourage my heart.

I pray your Christmas season is profoundly peace-filled.

Let every heart prepare Him room–



When Holidays Hold More Sorrow than Joy

Dear Friend,

Just sitting down to write this post nearly brings me to tears.

Because I see you. Not with my eyes, but in my heart. I see you sitting alone, trying to gather the courage to go to that holiday gathering. I see you around the table with family – one chair empty.

And it’s not just the chair that’s empty – your heart aches empty, too.

Could I quickly share a little of my story with you?

She Should Be Here

Before our son was born, my husband and I fostered (and hoped to adopt) a beautiful baby girl. From 2 days to 21 months old.

And then we lost her. Into a heartbreaking family situation.

It was the end of August 2010.

And then came the holidays. And they come every. single. year. And although in subsequent years God has given us a sweet (biological) son, and now a precious daughter via adoption? And even though this season holds great joy for us now?

I still ache for her. Every year.

She should be here, making pumpkin-chocolate-chip messes in the kitchen with my son. Helping decorate our tree. She should be part of our family.

She should be —

And though I trust God — His heart, His plan, both for us and for her — the loss of our sweet girl still feels so very unfair. Still aches empty in my heart, especially at this time of year.


Inviting you to click over to (in)Courage to finish reading my heart today, and maybe to share a bit of your own?  So blessed by your presence, my friends.

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