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What I’ve Learned In 1 Year of {Serious} Blogging

– I’ve learned there’s a lot I don’t know.  I’m still not sure I know what an RSS feed is and I definitely don’t know where all the “cool” link-ups are with which I should be connecting my blog.

-I’ve learned it’s really easy for motives to get mixed.  When I pursue a friendship with someone in the blog-world, am I really just trying to get my name out there?  To gain exposure?  To build my platform?  UGH.  I so want my life to be about more than that, but literally every. time. I write a blog post, even if my heart’s in a great, pure place as I’m writing – after I hit publish and post it on facebook and twitter?  I’m struggling.  Every time.  I thought this would get easier – and maybe it still will – but dang.  The battle is intense.  Similar actually to worship leading.

And what’s the line between genuinely having a passion to see people’s hearts impacted by the HS through your writing, and having an illegal NEED to receive people’s affirmation of your writing?  Gotta tell ya – I’m pretty sure I don’t have this one figured out yet.  Actually, yes I do.  It’s this:

If I am satisfied by Jesus in my core, then there won’t be an unhealthy need for affirmation.  If I’m not?  There will be mixture.  And God will, to a degree, still use my writing because He’s gracious like that.  But I might begin to lose my heart in the process.

You know that vague, somewhat jumbled, mysterious feeling that you can’t figure out how to wrap into a word-package?  TRY.  KEEP trying.  Chances are, someone else has felt it too and, just like you, struggled to articulate it.  If you can articulate it, your words just might unlock their heart.  Putting words to our deepest feelings is what makes our readers say “YES!” -out loud- while they read.  And we want them to say that. 🙂

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