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Visit # 2 with Our Birth Mom, and an Interesting Hotel Experience

Howdy all!  Hailing tonight from small-town mid-Kansas, home of a Walmart (thank you LORD!), Wendy’s (let me say again, thank you LORD!!), and a lot of wind.  I mean, a LOT.  It’s like a minor hurricane outside – constantly.  At least, for the 5 hours that we’ve spent here.

So it’s 8:23 pm.  I’m sitting in bed and Isaac’s sleeping soundly on a cot mattress next to our bed.  Stan stepped out of the room to make a phone call.

And generally, I’m not one to complain about hotels.  Or much else, for that matter.

But since I’m being real here, can I just say that this honestly is the most… um… interesting?  adventurous? hotel experience we’ve EVER had?

Yikes.  When I researched hotels in this area online it seemed to be the nicest hotel in the area.  Upon closer examination, the place seems to be falling apart at the seams.  I can tell that it was once a really cool hotel.  Maybe 30 years ago.  Or more.  Eesh.

I ran out to grab swim diapers for Isaac (because thankfully, our hotel does have a fairly decent pool) and ended up at the local Wally World.  And literally, WAVES of relief washed over me as I walked the Walmart aisles.  In Kansas City I generally avoid our Walmarts at all cost.

Here though?  The familiarity and predictability of the store’s layout and products were like a breath of fresh air to my heart.  I may or may not have walked a little more slowly than necessary, savoring the Walmart atmosphere.

Ludicrous?  Maybe.  But it’d seem less so if you could see our hotel.  I promise.

Small-town Kansas is kind of like another world to me.  I honestly don’t have a grid for it.

BUT, I did basically fall in love with this truck that was strategically positioned in the Walmart parking lot:

Check out the sign at the far left!

Okay, and as I’m writing this, Stan just walked back into the room.  Told me he’d heard what sounded like a shower running outside our room, had walked around the corner, and found the ice machine literally spewing water like a shower.  He found a way to turn the water off, then went and informed the gal at the front desk.

And this is just one of several things that have gone wrong-ish in the several hours we’ve been here.  Like I said – an adventure.  That’s the positive terminology.

Anyway, I know our hotel experience isn’t really what you’re wanting to read about.  Though I do have to say it is part of this whole wild adoption ride.  So, just letting you in on the interesting-ness of our journey, I guess.

We had a sweet time with our awesome birth mom (who I’ll call “Amber” for the sake of privacy).  Have I mentioned she has a son?  I’ll call him “Luke.”   Luke’s several years older than Isaac, who thought this “big kid” was pretty darn cool.  Amber brought Luke and her mom (who I loved getting to meet) over to our hotel.  We grabbed Wendy’s and hung out in the common area of the hotel.  The boys chased each other around and played while the adults sat and chatted for a while, and then we swam.  Luke LOVED playing with Stan in the water.  He had a blast.  So did Isaac.

I swam with Stan and the kiddos for a while, and then mostly sat and chatted with Amber.  She and I get along SO well.  She’s easy to talk to, considerate, and just generally a super cool gal.  Someone I’d want to know in “real life,” even if we weren’t adopting her baby.  I love that!

Amber brought several outfits she’d purchased or been given for baby girl.  She wants us to go ahead and take them home.

We talked about our plan for when she goes into labor, about how she’s sleeping (or not sleeping – those last couple weeks of pregnancy are just rough that way), how baby girl’s moving around a LOT, and how Luke’s processing the whole adoption thing.

Luke’s doing great, and Amber’s doing a really good job of helping him understand what’s going on.

Anyway, we genuinely enjoyed our time with them tonight.  After pulling 2 very resistant boys out of the water, we said good night to our friends, rinsed the chlorine off our boy, and tucked him in for the night.

And I, for one, am fairly desperate for some sleep.  So – signing off for now, friends.

Ultrasound is early tomorrow morning, along with an opportunity to (hopefully) ask Amber’s doctor a few questions.

I’ll post again as soon as I get a chance.

And coming up next?  Ultrasound photos, some incredible news, and our girl’s NAME!!!  I’m so excited to share it with you!

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