• Dana L. Butler

Veggie Tales

Who’da thunk?

I’d never have guessed that the Veggie Tales Christmas movie my husband wanted us to watch with Isaac this evening would have left me in tears.

He asked to watch this one in particular so we sat sandwiching our boy on the couch and watched Larry the Cucumber as he was swept up on a journey from struggling to trust the goodness of God’s plan for his life, to settling into the life God had laid before Him and being undone by the richness thereof.

Toward the end of the movie, Stan went upstairs to tend to Maia for several minutes and in that window of time, I went from {ahem, true confessions here} thinking the movie was a tiny bit cheesy and a tiny bit too intense for Isaac, to, well, bawling.

Isaac looked at me curious — I seem to have that effect on him lately — as I wiped flowing tears with my bare hands and tried to figure out where in the world the intensity of my emotions was coming from.

Stan came back downstairs to find me in a puddle of tears and I realized

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