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UPDATE: Back To the Drawing Board

Sleeping children upstairs (we have Tali tonight), hot tea steeping beside me…finally sitting down to write an update.  Ahhh…. feels good to have a minute to sit down and write.

Over this past weekend we were looking through the paperwork for the final stage of our Catholic Charities application and came across a policy of CC that we couldn’t sign off on….and signing off on it would be a requirement to continue the adoption process with them.  SO…. we have begun the search for a new agency. Recommendations of Kansas City area Evangelical Christian adoptions agencies are welcome! 🙂

This agency change will mean that our fee schedule will look different than what I posted here.  I will update as soon as we have a better idea of what it will look like.  Also, stay tuned for info on some fun fundraising events!  Excited about this stuff!

At first glance this seems like a setback, but we both see it as the Lord’s leadership.  We know that the right agency for us is out there and we trust Him to lead us to it.

He is faithful. 🙂

Love to ya all!

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