• Dana L. Butler



It’s where he’d like to have me – the enemy of my soul.  The one who wants me silent.


It’s where the lies grab hold of me, twist their creeping vines around my heart and pull me into the earth.


It’s the voices that cut me off and shut me down and diminish me in my core.


And I’ll tell you what — I do not want to live SMALL anymore.  I’m over it.

And not just over it, but mad.  I’m mad at the lies, the creeping vines.  Mad at the hand clamped over my mouth.  Mad at how I’ve caved to opinions and twisted truths and let who I am be sucked right out of me.

And this whole freedom thing?  It’s about freedom from SMALL.  Freedom from being diminished.  It’s about learning to stand up straight and live loud and love big and BE who I was created to be, in my deep places.  To refuse to tame the rushing rivers any longer.

The enemy wants me small.

God has another plan, and I want to surrender to it, down to my very depths.

I’m small no longer.

May the Lamb receive the reward of His suffering as I learn to live out of the fullness of who I am… of who He is inside me.

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