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The Balance: Being Yourself and Cutting Fluff

Okay.  Notice in the previous points I used the word generally a lot.  That’s because with writing, rules are made to (sometimes) be broken.  I’m still learning when it’s okay, and even beneficial, to break them.

Example: when writing, I want to write in my own natural voice.  I don’t want to sound like a robot, and I don’t want to sound like an imitation of someone else.  I want to sound like Dana.  So I often add in a phrase or two that might be a little fluffy, but is really “just a little bit of ME, bein’ me.”  <– Like that.

I’m on a forever-journey of determining the line between adding my own Dana-isms, and allowing fluff into my finished product.

Because we want our readers to get our core messages more than we want them to take away our us-isms.  BUT, you also definitely want your personality to shine through your writing.


Now– here’s my bottom line for this post: If you want to effectively communicate what God’s given you to say, it’s worth the investment to learn to do it well.

A year ago, I did not have a grid for any of this stuff.  Now I do.

Intentionally getting training and honing my writing skills is a form of honoring you, my readers.  Of saying to you, “I value you.  Your time.  Your hearts.  So what God puts in my heart to say to you, I will do my best to say succinctly and memorably.” 

Honing my writing skills is also an act of worship to the Lord.  I’m saying to Him: “I value what You’ve put inside me.  I take seriously the partnership into which You’ve invited me– this sharing of your heart through the filter of my own.  Seriously enough to learn to do it well.”

Watch Your Pace

If you’re like I was a year ago, you might read this post and be overwhelmed or stressed out by it.  You might look at where you currently are on your writing journey and realize– you have so far to go.

We all do.

Could I encourage you for a minute?  All this getting training and coaching and doing the work it takes to hone your craft– do it out of rest and peace, not striving.  Do it out of faith, not fear.

Go. at. HIS. pace.  At the pace He allows, given your current life-season.  Allow Him to continually examine and tweak your heart and time-usage and priorities.

His pace is trustworthy.

But do it.  Get training.  Practice discovering your voice.  Hone your writing.

Because what God’s deposited in you is worth saying well.

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