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Some things that are real:

God is giving me grace for this season of my life. It is real and tangible and sweet. Also, with rare exception, I generally have to fight through tears at least once between willing my eyes ope around 6:15 AM, and getting Isaac into his school building around 8:25 AM (if he can make it through drop-off on any given day).

I have virtually no — like zero — energy, time, life inside my being to converse with other humans. My small ones take every. ounce. of it from me, and whatever bits and pieces of it are leftover are consumed by the kids’ therapists, various appointment- and evaluation- scheduling-type-people, school principles, registrars and office managers, and precisely one pediatric dentist and his lovely staff. {And, to be fair to myself, I should say, I guess, that my interactions with my kiddos take it all outa me because this is special needs, in-the-trenches parenting that’s goin’ down up in here, not typical small-people parenting, which is legitimately crazy-exhausting in and of itself lots of days.}

THEREFORE… I am a straight-up absent, unavailable friend these days. Ugh. I hate it. But I just need to say that if I have canceled on you repeatedly, not returned a message {or 7}, or otherwise fallen off the face of the earth, I am just so, so very sorry.

Know someone who'd appreciate this?

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