• Dana L. Butler


If the ultimate goal of my life is knowing Him, then nothing that at the surface seems inconvenient, really is.

God’s ultimate goal for my life isn’t that I keep a perfect house or minister to a certain number of people or write a certain number of books or gain a certain amount of exposure for my writing.  It’s not even, ultimately, that I parent well or wife well, though those things are high on His priorities-for-Dana list.

Here’s what it is:

That I would intimately know Him.  That I’d be His friend.  That Christ would continually be formed in me.

That’s it.  EVERYthing else that I’m called and invited to be and do will be a natural outflow of those core things.

And if my ultimate goal for my life lines up under His, then inconvenience transforms into encounter. And that’s the way I want to live.

The Lord has had this idea rolling around my heart

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