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Unabashed Fire and Frolic

“Until further notice, celebrate everything.”


I have no idea who first said that, but it’s when I forget to consciously live that way that my life goes off-kilter. Depression creeps in, anxiety rises, and exhaustion overwhelms me — exhaustion with both the state of my home and the condition of the world.


Living with intent to Celebrate All The Things saves me. Precisely the same as expecting to find God’s fingerprints absolutely everywhere and keeping eyes peeled for beauty in every single place I look. It’s all the same.


It’s all living with a sense of wonder, worship, childlike awe over the tiniest, most “insignificant” things, and it will — hear me — **keep your literal soul alive.** In *these* days, when nothing is more important than staying subversively, ridiculously awake. The world’s hard enough as things are. Who wants to go about living half dead on top of it?

Celebrate every dang thing. Do it fiercely, wildly, with unabashed fire and frolic.


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