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Trying to Get Our Heads Around Goal #3…

So the Lord has totally blown our minds with His extravagant, QUICK provision for our financial goals up to this point.  Check out the first and second fundraising thermometers to the right…Wow!  He is so committed to adoption and we’ve been blown away by how evident His hand on our process has been.

Now, as we are tying up all the final loose ends, preparing to go “live” or “active” within the next several weeks, (This means we will soon be “home study ready,” and that birth moms will be able to view our profile to consider our family as a possible adoptive family for their babies), we are trying to get our heads around this final financial goal and are encountering difficulty in doing so.  The reason?  EVERYTHING from here on out, expense-wise, is completely unpredictable.  Will there be medical fees that we’ll end up covering for birth mom and/or baby?  Will we adopt across state lines, requiring more fees and paperwork?  What will court costs be?  Attorney fees?  How many post-placement visits from our social worker will be required (this depends on which state we adopt from – KS or MO)?  

Anyway, as you can see, we have no way of knowing at this point what our financial goals should be from here on out.  At this point, my best guess is that we’ll need another…..somewhere between 6 and 12 thousand…. in order to complete our process.  Could be more… or could (very miraculously) be less.

Soooo… just going to go ahead and create another $10,000 goal thermometer and we’ll adjust that as more information becomes available to us down the road.

Onward!  Trusting you, Jesus, to continue to do what you do.  You are our abundant provider!  Above and beyond all that we can ask, think, or imagine!


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