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True Community

How do we stop hiding from and open ourselves up to community?  This is the question they asked us over at (in)Courage the other day.  Since this is a question to which I’m continually in the process of learning answers…. I thought I’d take a whack at an answer today.

When I think of true community, I think of my friends who are totally comfortable raiding each other’s refrigerators (or raiding mine! 🙂 ) and doing each other’s dishes.  I think of babysitting each other’s kiddos and running to the store for a friend when she’s sick.

And yes…. all of these things are signs of life… signs that “life together” is in the process of being built.

But in my experience, these life-signs in and of themselves don’t necessarily mean that true community is occurring.  Dishes and babysitting and fridge-raiding flow out of true community.

Invitation in the command to show hospitality…. invitation in calling us to intentional community

Open home…. Open heart. See me as I am…Love you as you are…. Build trust… Healing comes in letting yourself be known even with the kitchen sink of your heart full of dirty dishes.

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