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Today {In Which I’m Compelled to Share Details}

Today I rolled out of bed, showered to worship music, and tried only semi-successfully to reign in my sleepy, scattered thoughts — to focus on the goodness of the Gospel and how the extravagance of God’s heart toward me would practically impact the life I was going to live on this day.

Today I prayed with Stan-my-man before he went to work and we were interrupted by our little mister, and I’m not sure we ever completed our prayer time.  But it was okay.

Today I thanked God for coffee while I spent an hour and a half gathering clean bottle for my baby girl and snacks for my boy, taming wild curls and changing diapers and choosing tiny outfits and wrangling my two littles out the door for some fun indoor playtime at Little Monkey Bizness.

Today I asked the Lord to orchestrate a divine appointment while I was out with the kids, maybe a conversation with another mama — a real, substantial heart connection.  And I had not one genuine connection, but two.

Today I was surprised to encounter a dear friend who’s a couple life-stages ahead of me.  My son and her granddaughter played and I felt the sweet kiss of the Lord in the time He gave us to reconnect.  What a gift.

Today I came home and administered discipline, and though I don’t always connect with my boy’s heart and correct his behavior perfectly, today I disciplined in love — not an ounce of anger.  And I reaped the fruit of his trusting, happy, obedient heart.  Today his confidence in my love for him was clear and my gratitude swelled and I thought tears might flow.

Today I received an email from a brand new reader of my blog — her response to my recent guest post on The Better Mom — and her transparency in reaching out encouraged my heart more than I have words to tell you.  And I thanked Jesus for using my small story to connect with the deep places of her heart.

Today I lay down with my little guy before nap time.  I read him a story with rhyming words, and I realized he’s getting the concept.  He notices when words rhyme!  Y’all, it’s the little things.  He’s smart and I so enjoy the way it emerges little by little — God’s unique creating of his heart and mind — and I fall more and more in love with who this boy is.

Today I also need to compose a letter that will be painful to write, fold laundry, make breakfast for dinner (pumpkin pancakes and bacon), and enjoy my family’s faces and hearts gathered around our dinner table.  And tonight, my husband is sending me to a coffee shop to work on a newsletter that’ll be released in the next couple of days.

And honestly?  I have no clue why I felt the need to share the details of my day with you.  It’s out of the ordinary for me to do that, and most of it feels mundane.

Except there’s this: in all of it — every moment — there He is.

In embracing the present, living fully in this life I’ve been given, I find this is where He’s been waiting to meet me all along.  I don’t always live awake to Him in my moments, in my everyday.

But if I’m aware of how He’s intimately present to me, all of this becomes almost too sacred for words.  From diapers to cuddles to rhymes to laundry to guts poured out on computer screens.  In all of it, He pursues my trust.  In all of it, He seeks to form Himself inside me.  

And inside you.

May we surrender to His processes inside us today, friends.  Receive our circumstances as gifts from Him, and in the moments when our flesh would rather cry for comfort and try to escape?  Relax into what He’s building into our hearts.

As we live unto Him, we live into Him.  

And His tender pursuit and His working in our depths through the vehicle of our daily details? They’re so worthy of our trust.


P.S. Today I also spent 20 minutes trying to share a few pretty fall pictures with you.  They would’ve been scattered oh-so-poetically through this blog post.  Alas, WordPress apparently doesn’t like my photography.  Pics wouldn’t upload.  I gave up trying.  So I hereby present to you a pictureless post. 🙁

And life goes on. 🙂

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P.P.P.S. (I promise this is the last post script!) Just wanted to give a shout out to those of you who are new readers of my blog.  Welcome!  Genuinely thrilled to have you.  I’d love to hear from you, either in the comments or via email (momentsandinvitations@gmail.com).  I love hearing my readers’ hearts — love when readers become friends. Blessings to y’all.

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