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The Story [So Far] on Our Soon-Coming Baby Girl [!!!!]

I think I’m still in shock.  A week ago yesterday in the afternoon, I glanced at my email on my phone and the reality of what I was reading sank in gradually.

“The birth mom in _______(small town in the middle of Kansas) is interested in your family.  She is also considering another family, but I think she’s leaning more toward yours.”

I read those first few lines, ran outside to where Isaac and Stan were digging in our backyard raised bed gardens.

“Babe?  Babe!  BABE!  OH MY GOSH!”  [I think it went something like that.]

By now I had his attention for sure, so I continued reading the rest of the email aloud:

“Birth mom has questions for you about what level of openness you’re willing to agree to… please get back to me as soon as possible.”

From previous emails about this particular situation, I already knew that this was a baby girl(!!), due mid-June.  MID-JUNE.  As in, less than a month from now.

Oh my gosh.  OH MY GOSH.  A BABY GIRRRRLLLL!!!  I couldn’t stop saying it.

Stan was cautious.  I, however, was ecstatic.  I had to allow myself to go there, even though nothing was certain yet.  My heart needed to hope.

Our house church came over that night, as per usual on Mondays.  We filled them in and they joined with us in prayer for this birth mama and for the entire situation.

As we were wrapping up the dinner portion of our house church meeting, our connection at our agency called me.  I spent half an hour or so on the phone with her, asking a billion questions and letting her know that yes, absolutely we were on board with the level of openness requested by this birth mom.

Finished up our house church meeting a couple of hours later, and was sitting in the living room when an email came through from our agency.  She wanted to meet us.  We were matching.

MATCHING?!?!  I think part of me thought it might never happen.  16 months into our adoption process and nearly 12 months as an official “waiting family,”  and we’re finally matched with a birth mom.  And a baby girl!!!

We will be driving out several hours into Kansas and meeting with our birth mom this Thursday pm.  In person.  Our connection at our agency will meet with us also.  She’ll facilitate the conversation, help us get to know one another.  This is a very good thing, as I’m quite sure I’ll be nervous enough that I’ll forget the questions I have wanted to ask.

There’s not a whole lot more I can say at this point, as I need (and want) to respect the privacy of our birth mama.  We have not yet had personal contact with her, but our agency and our attorney have been in regular communication with her.  What I know is that she is amazing.  Selfless.  Responsible.  Doing her best to make wise decisions.  Grateful.  Grieving.  Humble.  Beyond courageous.

I don’t have words for how much I’m excited to meet her.

And as far as our family goes?  We are running crazy.  Overwhelmed in the best way possible.  Beyond grateful.  SO, SO, SO beyond grateful.  EXCITED.

We’re sorting and washing old baby girl clothes (from when we had our foster daughter), receiving new baby clothes, buying needed baby items off Craig’s List.

We’re thanking God, over and over.  For His goodness.  His perfect plan and timing.  We’re praying for our baby girl and birth mama.  Protection, safety, comfort, peace.

We’re sharing our news.  Contemplating the name we’ve chosen, which we’ve decided to share with birth mom first.  I so badly want to share it with family and friends – I love it so much.  So —- next week, friends.  Next week. 🙂

 For now, your prayers are MUCHO appreciated.  For us as we prepare, for Isaac’s heart during the transition.  For peace and the comfort of Jesus for our birth mom as she prepares for one of the most difficult moments of her life.  And that we will emit the love of Jesus in all of our interactions with her.

Signing off for now.  Going to try to get some SLEEP, as sleep has been elusive to me ever since we found out.  Just. So. EXCITED!!  And so richly blessed.

Thank you all for being a part of our journey, friends.

May you know the extravagant love of Jesus in the depths of your heart today.  In every good and perfect gift, may you see evidence of His mighty affection for you.  Be so blessed, my friends.

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