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The Moments and The Invitations: Part 1 (The Mundane)

So…. having categorized all of life into 3 categories in which God is waiting to encounter us (Haha… As if it is really that black and white… there are definitely moments that can fall into multiple categories at once, and there may be more than just 3 categories!… but…. roll with me here, if you don’t mind. 🙂 )….. I want to explore each category and the invitations that I believe are waiting for us therein….the ways in which God wants to reveal Himself to our hearts.  AND… I want to invite YOU to explore with me…. to add your own examples of invitations you’ve felt from the Lord in the midst of similar circumstances!  Comment away! (PS – I’ve you’ve had trouble commenting previously on this blog, try clicking on the comments, going to where it says “Comment As” or “Choose an Identity,” and commenting as an anonymous user.  Just leave me your name in your comment so I know who you are. 🙂 Thanks friends!)

The Moment: Mundane

The Invitation: Worship…

and Basking in His Pleasure

The Moment: Stan is working late.  It’s been a looonnnnnnnng, rainy afternoon, just me and our sweet boy hanging here at the house by ourselves.  We’ve played with play dough, done toddler-friendly artwork together, watched a little too much Elmo for one day (yes, true confession of Dana here), read books, folded laundry (which in our house translates to: tried to keep lil’ guy from throwing laundry all over the room, and refolded the same items multiple times…) and made animal noises till we’re blue in the face.  And honestly…. I am SO ready for another adult to talk to, and Isaac is in desperate need of some wild, romping, flying, jumping Daddy-play time.  These are the moments that, as a mom of one, can make you feel like your brain is…..just…turning….to…MUSH. <>

(Fill in the blank in your imagination now with your own mundane moments….)

The Invitation: To turn our hearts toward heaven… “Father, remind me of your perspective right now.  Remind me of the partnership I have with you in this moment, pouring into this precious life you’ve given me to steward.  God, you receive my life as worship….This seemingly mundane, brain-mushifying (Have I mentioned lately that I like to make up new words?) moment… it’s yours, Lord.  Receive my heart, and my work…the kisses for my son, the discipline moments, the cleaning up never-ending messes, the diaper changes, the laundry…. receive it now as worship…. I do it all unto You, Father.  I love you… You’re worthy of all of it….”  Worship Him from your heart, in your own words…..      AND…..      Be aware of His pleasure over you!!  The simple act of turning your heart toward Him in the midst of the mundane, your lifestyle of worship, it overwhelms His heart!!  Bask in it!  Revel in the revelation of His favor, His pleasure, His “Well done!” as He whispers it loud to your heart.  You delight His heart!!   Remember that we have a God whose heart is for intimacy with us and His nature is to reveal Himself…. The awareness of these things about Him can turn our “mundane” moments into some of our sweetest times of connecting with His heart!

Supporting Scriptures: Song of Songs 4:9Colossians 3:23-24, others that you can think of?  Let me know in the comment section.

Your turn! Comment with examples of the mundane from your own journey, and/or examples of other invitations, ways you’ve encountered the Lord in the midst of the mundane.

(Of course, you can also comment with any other thoughts you may have! I just love hearing your heart. 🙂 )

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