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The 51-year-old Me

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how and who I want to be when I’m in my 50’s.  The first 13 years of adulthood have flown by….and here I sit at age 31 knowing that the next decade, and then 2, then 3, and so on, will fly incrementally faster.  Really, this entire life here on Earth will be just a quick blip from the perspective of eternity.  And maybe I’m having a “midlife crisis”…or “mid-life evaluation moment” (not crisis- I don’t feel distressed or anything.)….a few years early…but I’ve been considering who I want to be in 20 and 30 years and what things I should invest my life in NOW in order to reap the harvest of who I want to be THEN.  So this is what I’ve come up with so far:

NOW, I need to invest lots of time in the secret place with the Lord, to prioritize intimate friendship with Him above all else, so that THEN my heart will be so much more closely tuned in to His whispers and His leadership.

NOW, I need to invest time in learning and disciplining myself to listen well and really hear people’s hearts, so that THEN I will be more able to hear the heart of God for people as they share their hearts with me.

NOW, I want to prioritize time connecting with Stan’s heart and being before the Lord with him, so that THEN we will be in such a level of unity that will allow the Lord to use us powerfully together.

NOW, I want to prioritize one-on-one time with Isaac and with each of my other children so that they will feel pursued, seen, known, and understood while they’re young, and so that THEN they will be sure of their value to their Father and to me.

NOW, I want to invest time and thought and intentionality into making our home a peaceful place to live, so that THEN it will be like second nature to me, and our children will know as adults how to facilitate peace in their own homes.

NOW, I need to prioritize loving and seeking His heart for those He’s put before me, so that THEN I will reap the joy of long-time friendships, AND knowing how to share in His heart for people who are so precious to Him.

NOW, I need to read books congruent with my passions, callings, giftings, and who I want to be in 20 years….and I need to seek relationships with those who are more advanced in years and in the Lord than I am, so that I will learn MORE of the things I can do NOW, to facilitate becoming who I want to be THEN.

That’s all I’ve got for now…. What about you?  Any “NOW…..so that THEN” thoughts you’d like to share? 🙂

(Failing to plan is planning to fail, right?)

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