• Dana L. Butler

Surrender to Freedom {Five Minute Friday: Release}


Let there be release for the bound up places. The places where fear has gripped tight and squeezed tighter.

Let there be release for the hidden places. The places insecurity has kept us from letting our truest selves see the light of day.

Let there be release for the invisible. For what’s inside us that’s been invalidated and rejected till it’s just shrunk and disappeared.

Let there be release for the heart that’s caged by the voices, the lies that’ve deemed it worthless and insignificant and commanded it to shut down… and shut up.

Let there be release. And let there be courage to fly free once the cage is opened, because, friend? The world desperately needs you to be fully, wildly, authentically, bravely who you were made to be.

Release is here, and His name is Jesus. So grab hold, brave heart. Say yes. Surrender to freedom. Because there’s no greater way to glorify the One who purchased it for you.

{Sharing this quick outpouring with the precious hearts of the Five Minute Friday community. You’re invited to join us here.}

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