• Dana L. Butler

Such A Long Way To Go (Celebrate the Journey)

Hello Friends,

I’ve been sitting here pouring out my heart to the Lord and I just need to write my heart today….real and raw and honest….in the form of a letter to God.


I feel like I have such a long way to go.  As a wife, a mom, a leader, and just as a human being on this journey with You.

I want to be so much more than I am in so many areas… and there are so many places in my heart where I  long to see rapid growth and yet Your processes inside of me seem…..so….. painfully…..slooowwww.

I want to be MORE focused and fully alive and present to those You’ve put before me daily: namely, my husband and my son, and those with whom we pursue community.

I want my heart to be continually in a place where I’m still inside and at peace and tuned in to Your nearness and Your whispers to me.

I want to derive my identity totally from You, from Your heart toward me, and not be influenced or swayed or defined by the opinions of people.

I want the priorities of my heart and time and energy and focus to be in order and pleasing to You.

I feel so far from where I want to be…. in more ways than I can count.

Oh Father, sometimes I look at my own inadequacy and it makes me shudder and tremble on the inside.   Sometimes I look at myself and all I can see are my weak spots and the places I want to be that I am just….simply….not.

And then these precious whispers from Him come cascading down over my heart…

My Sweet Daughter,

It’s very true that you have a long way to go….and I am thrilled by that… because the journey, the process, is what this whole relationship thing is all about.

I want you to walk here, right beside Me as I mold and shape and steer you toward all that I have for you and all I want you to become.  And if you were to quickly arrive at all of these places where you want to be, think how much you and I would miss out on together along the way…. 

Intimacy is forged along the way…as you take your eyes off of your own inadequacy and fix them on My MORE-THAN-ADEQUACY.

I’m inviting you to celebrate the journey.  Celebrate the long way ahead.  When you’re tempted to be frustrated because the path is so long….relax, lean into Me as we walk together.

In this space in time where you see the goal ahead and are tempted to so quickly rush to compare the now version of yourself to who you know you will be then…see each of those gaps between the now and the not yet as opportunities… 

And remember this truth… if you could meet people’s every need, you would draw them into dependence on you instead of pointing them toward ME as their ultimate Source.

So… let’s walk this road together today…and the next day….and the next.  And let Me hold your hand and guide you and be the Strength and the Beauty that fill your weak places.  Let Me fill in your gaps.

And as you learn to lean into Me still more, the depth of trust and relationship we will share will be beyond your wildest dreams.  I can’t wait to share more of My heart with you as we walk this path….

I love that we have a long way to go….together.


As always, I love to hear your heart, friends.  If you’re here today, I’d love for your to let me in on your thoughts a little, to let me know how I can pray for you…. to let me walk with you for a few minutes here…?   Be blessed today to experience His completeness, strength, and beauty in all your weak places as you lean into Him more… (Related:  For the Days We Feel So Inadequate,  Gentle Reminders to Slow Down)

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