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Splashes of Beauty: Captured This Week

Join me on my continuing journey of responding to the Father’s invitation to keep our eyes open for beauty all around us… for moments that might, on the surface, appear to be “mundane,” in which the Lord captures our hearts and our attention with these “splashes of beauty….

…to turn our heart back toward Him in worship in these moments as He whispers His love to our heart.

My plan is to post these moments each Sunday in pictures from the previous week….inviting you to join me in this exercise of keeping our eyes open for beauty…and together cultivating gratitude in our own hearts…. a greater awareness of His love mediated to us through His perfect gifts.

This Week’s Splashes of Beauty…

So thankful for almost 2 whole days of beautiful, glorious RAIN here in Kansas City……

Rain…after the longest, hottest drought I can remember. The earth (and I) breathe sighs of relief…and praise God

for the beginning of September… never been

so thankful to see Autumn on its way.  

Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulnessM)’> Your righteousnessO)’> your justice like the great deep. Q)’> How priceless is your unfailing love, O God! People take refuge in the shadow of your wings. T)’> you give them drink from your river V)’> For with you is the fountain of life;X)’> we see light.

~Psalm 36:5-6

Would you join me?  Comment with a link to

your splashes of beauty from this week?

(Or comment this week to let me know you’re beginning this week… 🙂 )

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