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Share In God’s Heart In a New Way Today?

Dear friends…

I want to share with you something that I tend to struggle with… and I wonder if many of you do also.

When I am presented with the face of a child who lives a world away, may or may not (most likely not) know Jesus, and barely has clothes to wear or food to eat… it makes me uncomfortable.

Can you relate?

It makes me squirm a little on the inside because really, what can I do?  Hunger and poverty are such rampant issues in “those parts” of the world…. How can 1 person really make that much of a difference?  And I squirm because I’m sitting here in my comfortable, air conditioned house with a dresser full of clothes for my child and a fridge full of food, thinking, “hmmm… which of my 7 different options should I decide to make for dinner tonight?”  And there are sweet mamas on the other side of the world (and in my neighborhood, maybe next door?) who are just hoping and praying that they can come up with SOMETHING to feed their kids tonight.

I have a feeling many of you identify with this squirming I’m talking about.

And yes, it IS Compassion International’s “Blog Month,” and yes, they are giving away (small) prizes to blogs that direct the most traffic to their child sponsorship page this month.  But really, there is no way I am going to win those prizes. 🙂  My blog is way too obscure and nowhere near enough people hang out here for me to even have a shot.  I’m very okay with that. (Wait.  Don’t leave yet… because even if you don’t have an extra DIME to give each month, there are ways that you can get involved, and your life, and your heart, could be changed by it.  Yes… without financially sponsoring a child.) I say all of this to let you know that I’m writing today simply because Compassion International is an organization that I really, really believe in.   (Stan and I sponsor a child through Compassion, by the way.  Stan had actually sponsored her for years before he and I got married.  Her name is Tarikwa and she lives in Ethiopia.  She is precious.) And here are a few (of a hundred or more) reasons why:

  1. He who is kind to the poor lends to the LORD… (Prov. 19:17)

  2. Jesus said, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

  3. Cultivating a heart that is willing to not turn away from poverty because it is uncomfortable to look at will pave the way for intimacy with God in ways you maybe haven’t experienced before… because His heart is so committed to these precious little ones… and as we share in His heart for them, we grow to know Him more.

So…. this is my challenge and my invitation to you today….  Ya ready?

Go, just GO…and LOOK at Compassion’s child sponsorship page.  And if sponsoring a child would put your finances out of order, then don’t do it. Really, I mean it.  BUT… look through some of these precious children’s pictures….and ask the Lord for His heart for them.  Pray over the pictures.  Pray for the families that those pictures represent.  Ask the Lord to meet each practical need, and even more, ask Him to reveal His love to each heart.

I am nearly in tears as I write this. 

Sometimes we almost equate “just praying” to doing nothing.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Ask the Father to share His heart with you.  He will.  You will be wrecked.  It will be more than worth it.

Here’s the link, one more time.

Be blessed today friends….and seek to share in His heart today.

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