• Dana L. Butler

Set Free to Love {FMF: She}

Hey my friends,

It’s Friday.  Almost.

(Okay, it’s 9pm Central on Thursday night and  Lisa-Jo‘s releasing the prompt a couple hours earlier now.  Gotta love her.)

But anyway.

If Five Minute Friday is new to you, here’s how we roll:

5 minutes. 1 word. No editing. Write your guts – however they come out.  Then encourage some other writers by reading and commenting.  Easy. 🙂

Join us here this week if you’d like.  These ladies and their hearts are rocking my world these days and I am so honored to hang and write with them.

K.  Here we go.  The word this week is:


She does it better.

She’s more experienced.

She gets the recognition.  The attention.  The accolades.


We compare ourselves to each other.  Measure ourselves against one another.  We women.  We live this way.  It’s natural – like breathing.  And it’s toxic.

It takes something incredibly supernatural to break free from comparison.

I’m finding freedom.  It’s coming from Jesus, as the truth of my identity in light of the Gospel is gradually penetrating into my deep places.  The truth that numbers don’t matter and His opinion does.

And it’s coming from you.  You incredible women who boldly write your hearts and just let me be your friend.

The more I engage ’round here, the more y’all become human to me.  Not intimidating.  Not “better than.”  Just real people with real hearts and stories.

I stop measuring, stop comparing.

I’m set free to love.

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