• Dana L. Butler

Revisiting the Foundational Reasons For My Existence (And The Existence of Humanity in General?)

Mike Bickle once said that every couple of weeks, he has to intentionally revisit the foundational reason for his existence and all that he does: to love God. Lately I’ve been realizing my own need for periodic “alignment checks” within my heart around this topic also.  Realizing how quickly and subtly my heart and focus can get just a little off track.  I’m picturing 2 (nearly) parallel lines and how as they start to diverge, the difference in direction is virtually undetectable…but the longer you follow one of the lines, the greater your distance from the other.  My heart sometimes goes down this seemingly ALMOST-correct path for a good while before I realize that I’m several yards (or miles?!) away from the path that I had originally intended to take: simply, purely being loved by God and loving Him in return.

Oh, how I want to have no other agenda but abandoning my life to sinking deeper into the ocean that is His love, and intimately knowing His heart, and loving Him with wild abandon in return… my most extravagant love, just a pale reflection of the way He’s loved me.

I absolutely ache for this…to really deeply love Him like He’s loved me.

So I’ve just been doing this lately… revisiting my own foundational reasons for existence.  And as God’s realigned my heart yet again under this ultimate calling, I’ve been reminded that everything else, all that’s needed, will flow out of this place… a natural product of intimacy and love.

And anything that doesn’t come out of this love isn’t worth hanging onto anyway….

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