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From January 14, 2021


With respect

And reverence

That the unknown

Between us

Might flower

Into discovery

And lead us


The familiar field

Blind with the weed

Of weariness

And the old walls

Of habit.

—John O’Donohue, On Meeting a Stranger


He titled the poem “On Meeting a Stranger,“ and in how many ways are we still strangers to one another, even those of us who’ve known one another so long? Pieces of stories go unwitnessed, journeys to particular perspectives and paradigms kept inside for fear of harsh words or silent assumptions. Hard-won positions unheard, un-honored. Or heard somewhat and then dashed, disregarded. Souls unknown and unreceived. In this collectively dismantled, uncertain space, just days into 2021, I can only think of a few things we humans need more than the aforementioned reverence, respect, discovery.

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