• Dana L. Butler

Reigning It All In…

Well…Having decided that it’s ridiculous for me to be blogging in two different places when I can barely handle maintaining ONE blog consistently…. I have decided to go ahead and combine our adoption blog with our family blog (because, as Stan put it, isn’t our adoption process KIND OF a big part of what’s going on in our FAMILY?!).  Soooo… I am on a journey through the uncharted (by me, anyway) territory of trying to figure out how to redirect the “Adoption Response” web address to our family blog here.  I have lots of other stuff to do too to combine the two blogs and get y’all all caught up on our adoption process and our LIVES…. so…. bear with me as I try to grab free moments here and there to get my blogging life up-to-date!

Here goes…..

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