• Dana L. Butler

Regarding Religion and Empty Obedience

I hate religion.

HATE it.

I HATE the bondage that it brings into the hearts and lives of Christians.  Christians who genuinely love Jesus, who want to please Him.

I HATE rules apart from love.

Love comes first.  Love ALWAYS came first.

Jesus never asks us to obey apart from a corresponding invitation to intimacy.  We must learn to discern His invitations to our hearts in the midst of our life circumstances.

Obeying apart from our hearts hearing and responding to His invitations subtly turns us into robots.  We find ourselves going through the motions of obedience, empty.  But what Jesus is after is communion with us in the deep places of our hearts as we obey.


Fellow believer, if you find yourself going through the motions of obeying and coming up empty, go back to the basics of the Gospel and allow the Lord to wreck your heart with 2 things:

  1. The truth of what you’ve been saved from

  2. The extravagance of all you’ve been saved INTO.

And if you’re finding yourself giving mental ascent to the truths of the Gospel but your heart is unaffected?  Ask the Holy Spirit to cause the reality of the Gospel to sink from your head into your heart.

Ask.  Keep asking.  The Holy Spirit sheds God’s love abroad in our hearts (Romans 5:5). Heart-level revelation of the goodness of the Gospel will come from asking the Holy Spirit for revelation, and positioning our hearts in a place to receive it.

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