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Part 2: The Wreck and the Aftermath

Today I went over to the dealership where we left my minivan with its possibly-going-flat front left tire.  I photographed the damage… $4,350 worth, as I mentioned in Part 1 of this story.

…and took a few pics at the scene of the accident:

One final pic: this is the dealership where I had been headed to get an oil change… in the parking lot of which sits my crippled minivan, awaiting the insurance adjuster.  This is a Hendrick dealership – there are hundreds of them around the country.  The fact that we bought our minivan from  a Hendrick-owned Nissan dealership in Kansas City last year meant a rolled-out red carpet for us at this Hendrick-owned Chevy dealership here in Greensboro.  Super thankful – these guys are great and incredibly helpful. (Note the Carolina Blue sky… Nowhere like here.) ~~~

Today we have felt okay.  Isaac is acting normal – pretty sure he’s fine.  We had a BLAST at the Greensboro children’s museum today and I might not be able to resist posting pictures from our visit there at some point in the near future.

Jerusha and I have been a bit sore today.  Interesting fact: We hadn’t been certain, though Jerusha was fairly sure she remembered correctly, that we had in fact turned and looked at each other briefly in shock when the initial impact occurred.  Today, the left side of my neck is sore (I would have turned to my right to look at her) and the right side of her neck is sore (she would have obviously turned her head left to look at me).  We laughed today about the location of our muscle soreness being proof of the fact that we did indeed make some kind of momentary stunned, terrified eye contact with each other before it occurred to me to put my foot on the brake. 🙂

A cool thing that happened that I don’t want to forget:

When my dad and I finally got home from leaving my van at the dealership after the accident, it was time for Isaac to go down for his nap.  I changed his diaper and got him all snuggled up under his blankets… and then lay down next to him.  I wanted to give him a chance to process what had happened.  

Our conversation went something like this:

Mommy: “Isaac, remember when we were driving in our car and then BANG, that car crashed into our car?  And then we stopped really fast and you were crying?  That was scary, huh?”

Isaac: “Bang!  Crash!  Our car was breaking!  Really broken!”  He whimpered and snuggled closer to me.

Mommy: “I know buddy, that was scary… That car crashed into our car and our car IS broken… but Jesus kept us safe, Isaac!  Jesus kept Isaac safe, and Mommy safe, and Jerusha safe!  And the mechanics will fix our car so it will be all better.”  (He’s been learning about mechanics lately – he’s fascinated by them.)

Isaac: “Crash!  Jesus kept safe!  Mechanics!  Tow trucks!”  No longer whimpering.

Mommy: “Yep, we’re all safe, bud.  Isaac and Mommy and Jerusha – Jesus kept us all safe!  We can pray and tell Him thank you…. Thank you Jesus for keeping us safe!”

Isaac: “Isaac safe.  Thank You Jesus keeping us safe!”

I finished tucking him in and he rolled over…fell asleep in complete peace.  I loved it.  I loved that he got to process the emotions around the wreck with me.  I had been concerned for him because he’d been “whisked away” to go back to Gigi and Grandpa’s house so quickly after it had happened and I hadn’t had the opportunity to help him process…. but then I was so thankful that a couple of hours later he was able to talk with me about it, to remember it and feel it with his emotions and then to realize that Jesus took care of us and thank Him for that.  

What an incredible gift and responsibility God has given us as parents, eh?  This charge to shepherd and steward and guard our kiddos’ hearts before Him?  There is nothing more challenging… or more fulfilling or exhilarating. 

To all of you who’ve prayed for us in the wake of the crash, thank you.  I’ve had a few moments of fear as I’ve been riding and/or driving in the last 24 hours, as this was by far the most intense wreck I’ve ever experienced…. but Jesus is faithful and His grace is more than enough.  Still, it’s kind of hard not to be sitting at a stop sign or traffic light and be bracing myself to be hit again.  Interesting.  I didn’t expect to experience this.  I’m sure it’ll pass.

In the meantime… I’m meeting tomorrow morning with the insurance adjuster who will be checking out the damage to my car.  Praying that AllState quickly accepts liability for the accident and QUICKLY releases me to begin having repairs done…so that we can MAYBE get back to KC by the end of this week.  (The original plan was to leave NC this coming Thursday morning.  That is looking unlikely.)

We’ll see.   All’s well.  We’re just thankful over here.


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