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Out With The Old… And a Day of Firsts

Isaac’s old high chair was kind of stone-age-ish….I had bought it at a garage sale when Stan and I were training to be licensed as foster parents back in 2008. Soooo, he now has a totally sweet, hip, radically awesome (well, for a high chair) NEW high chair, courtesy of Stan’s parents (a.k.a. Nana and Grandpa). He is thrilled with it….the buckles, in particular. When he’s having a moment of not wanting to be put in his high chair, all we have to do is show him the buckles and he contentedly sits down and plays with them. Haha. 🙂 He also has started eating a lot better in the last few days…and… yesterday had his first VEGGIES (that he has willingly eaten) in a couple months! WOOHOOO!

Ollllllld high chair:

Totally rockin’ and rollin’ (literally – it has wheels, which I’m psyched about) NEW high chair!

As a matter of fact, veggies weren’t the only “first” for Isaac yesterday. He actually sat up, from lying all the way down on his back, to a sitting position, completely on his own, without pulling up on anything, for the first time yesterday. ALSO…. he PULLED UP to a STANDING position for the first time yesterday! He did it several times in a row, using the side board of our bed to hold onto. At first I think my reaction startled him…haha… I was a little excited. 🙂 But he recovered quickly and pulled up several more times, enjoying his new found ability and his new angle on the world. 🙂 I WISH I had gotten some video or pictures of those moments… but I was so excited I didn’t even think to. 🙁 The really cool thing was that he and I happened to be on Skype with my mom in North Carolina when it happened, so “Gigi” got to see him pull up too. Yay! 🙂

I’ll leave you with a glimpse into one of Isaac’s post-nap time “Daddy-hug” moments: one of the great benefits of having Daddy working at home.

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