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Our Needs (As we are currently aware of them)…

We wanted to make you, our family and friends, aware of our current needs.  As we understand them right now, these are the fees that we will owe:

~$170 application fee (due this week) ~$1,300 home study fee (due within the next month or so, I think) ~15% of our annual adjusted gross income, which will be around $10,000 – final placement fee ~Unknown (at this point) attorney fees and medical expenses for the baby while in the hospital.

As I write this post, we have a grand total of…. $500….available to cover our application fee, and a little bit to put toward our home study.  We have been told that nothing is too hard for God, asked to step out in faith, reminded that when we by faith reach out to love His precious ones, He WILL provide.  We are asking our friends and family to consider being a part of our adoption journey in 2 ways: 1.  In prayer.  We will need mucho prayer support during this process.  We are aware of the potential for this to be a crazy roller coaster for our hearts.  We are trusting Jesus to cover and hold our hearts through it all, AS WELL as to provide for all of our financial needs.  We believe He will do both.  We covet your partnership in prayer to that end.  More specific prayer requests will follow in a later post. 2.  By contributing financially as the Lord leads.  These financial needs are bigger than we are and definitely bigger than our bank accounts, but definitely NOT bigger than our God.  (Luke 18:27 – Jesus replied, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.”)

It is our desire and our heart and our choice to adopt…and yet we know that we are not to do this alone.  The prayer and support of our family and friends are critical to this journey.  Soooo… just wanted to put our financial needs out there as we understand them at this point…. and see what the Lord will do to move us in the direction of having those needs met.  If you would, please prayerfully consider whether the Lord would ask you to contribute financially toward our adoption….and please stand with us in prayer that God will make a way.  We are excited to watch Him move mountains on our behalf, and on behalf of “our” little one who we haven’t met yet.  He is a GOOD Father who owns the cattle on a thousand hills.  If adoption is His desire for us, we can wait before Him confidently, knowing that He will accomplish what is in His heart.

We love you all and are so blessed by your friendship.

(**If you DO desire to make a financial contribution, please drop me an email at danalynnb@gmail.com, and I will send you our address.  Thanks!!**)

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