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Our First Official Financial Goal Is…..

Hi friends!  So, here’s a quick update on where we’re at.  Our initial meeting with Christian Family Services is scheduled for Tuesday evening, Feb. 21.  At said meeting, we will receive paperwork (I think LOTS of paperwork) that we will need to complete prior to the start of our actual home study interviews.  When we get all of that paperwork completed, our home study interviews will begin…. which brings us to our current FiNaNcIaL gOaL, which consists of:

  1. 1st half of home study fee: $500, due upon completion of above-mentioned paperwork

  2. 2nd half of home study fee: $500, due at the end of our last home study interview.

  3. Somewhere in this time frame, we will also be paying for physicals for every member of our household (poor JoEllen and Jerusha, who live with us, have to have them too… :-/  They are so gracious. :))  Total cost of these physicals is unknown at this point.  Estimate: $300?

  4. In addition to these costs, we will also need to pay for background checks for all 4 adults in our household, for each state that we’ve lived in in the last 5 years.  For Stan and I, that’s 3 states apiece.  For Jo, that’s also 3 states, while Jerusha has been a Missouri girl her whole life. 🙂  Those background checks will add up quickly since 3 of the 4 of us have all moved around so much in the last 5 years.  Estimated total cost for background checks (Definitely guessing at this point – could be much more, or a little less): $500

  5. Finally, upon completion of our home study, we will owe a $500 “Activation Fee,” when our family profile becomes “active” – meaning, it becomes available for birth mothers to view as they are trying to choose an adoptive family for their baby.

SOOOOOO, this brings our total for our FIRST FINANCIAL GOAL to:  $2,300.  And of course, any money that we raise BEYOND this goal will go toward our NEXT goal.

Whenever we know exact figures on the background checks and physicals, I will adjust this goal accordingly.

(**Our next fees after that will be a $1,000 MATCHING FEE when we are matched with a birth mom, a couple of miscellaneous fees (in the $500 range) in the interim, and then our BIG one: the $10,000 PLACEMENT FEE when our baby is placed with us soon after birth.  These fees will be included in our NEXT financial goal.  After THAT, there will be attorney fees and possibly some medical expenses for our birth mom and baby.  No way to know for sure about those yet.**) Ooookay!  There’s the updated financial scoop for now!  🙂  For all of those saying, “MAN, adoption is EXPENSIVE!” you’re RIGHT!  It totally is!  BUT, that’s the exciting part!  We get to partner with the Lord over His heart for adoption, and watch Him provide.  We are standing in faith that He will do this, in His time.

**StAy TuNeD in the next few days for info on a super duper FUN fundraiser that we will launch VERY SOON!  Hint: There will be pRiZeS involved for the winners….**   (Are you curious?!  I am reigning myself in right now – so hard to wait to tell you!)

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