• Dana L. Butler

One Step At a Time… LEANING

The other day, I was in a “funk” for most of the day.  Know the feeling?

Here’s my [officially unofficial] definition – – 

FUNK (n):  The vague feeling that something’s “off” in one’s heart… very rarely connected to a specific event or cause… and almost always resulting in irritability and general bummed-out-ness.

Yup…. I definitely was in that place most of that day…  and it took me till evening to finally sit down with the Lord and figure out the root cause: that I was overwhelmed by everything that I’m NOT and all that I need/want to get done in the next week and all of the places where I feel inadequate.  

Bottom line: I’d had my eyes on my own weakness and weariness and inadequacy and all of the limitations on what I can accomplish within the realm of my own strength… instead of fixing my gaze on God’s more-than-adequacy and the fact that I can do all things because HE is my strength. (Phil. 4:13)

And why is it sometimes so much easier to just STAY in that “funky” place than it is to get intentionally before the Lord and let Him sort out all of this ridiculousness in my heart?  Why did it take me all day to finally sit down and ask Him for insight into what was wrong?

Sometimes I think I’m just more comfortable being… uncomfortable… when God is sitting, waiting, holding out this perfect peace and rest to me, if I’m just willing to take hold of it. 

Anyway… so that night I finally sat with the Lord for a few minutes and realized I needed to re-read some things that He’s spoken to my heart in the past.  

So I RE-reminded myself (or rather, stilled my heart so HE could RE-remind me) that:

  1. in my weakness, His strength is more than enough, and He fills in my gaps.

  2. in moments like these when my to-do list is overwhelming, I need to take a deep breath and allow Him to expand my heart to hold more of what He’s wanting to accomplish inside of me.

  3. He is the Source of everything I need to do all that He’s putting before me in this season.

  4. and that He rejoices in the fact that I have such a long way to go yet, because it’s in the journey that He waits to encounter me intimately.

And these truths of who He is, and how He pursues my heart ESPECIALLY when I’m so keenly aware of everything I’m not, and how He glorifies Himself when I lean into Him in my weakness… They’re enough for me today. HE is enough for me today…in all of the places where I’m so far from enough.

Bye-bye, funky funk!  Hello again, Peace and Joy and Rest!

Father, help me to rest in Your more-than-enough-ness today.  You are my completeness and everything I need for this moment… and the next… and the next… I find it all in You.  Let my roots grow down deeper today into You, my Everything.

Friends, today, may we take one step at a time… LEANING… and may we encounter Your heart deeply in the process… and see Your beauty displayed as You fill in our gaps.

Blessings to you today, dear ones… You are so precious to your Father.

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