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On The Day We Meet Our Birth Mom

I’m about to commit a cardinal blogging sin: I’m going to write something, proofread it quickly, and then hit publish.  Normally I write, proofread, walk away for a day or two, edit some more, then schedule the post for the NEXT day, and then maybe edit even MORE before it goes live.

Not this time. 🙂

Tonight we meet our birth mom.  Not sure yet exactly what time because a few things are up in the air, but it’ll either be around 5:30 or 7 pm Central.

I think I mentioned before that our connection from our agency will be facilitating the meeting.  Really thankful for that.  She’ll ask questions that both parties may or may not remember to ask on their own.

Last night Stan and I stayed up late-ish talking and praying with some dear friends.  Went to bed and I actually was able to sleep(!!), but of course, my dreams were dominated by this meeting and all of the possible (and impossible) things that could go wrong.  Crazy stuff.  At least I slept.

Interesting – in “real life” I don’t feel nearly as nervous as I do in my dreams.  Maybe I’m suppressing some anxiety?  I don’t know.  But today, I feel calm.  Peaceful.  Like Jesus is holding all of this – every heart, every unforeseen event that could possibly occur.

And He is.

So what do you do on the day you’re going to meet the lady who is bearing your child?

You (or at least I) wake up, skip showering till later, drink coffee and dip a chocolate chip cookie in it (dessert for breakfast?!  gasp!), pray with your hubby and send him out the door for a half-day of work, read books and give extra hugs and kisses and tickles to your son who will be staying with housemate Jerusha while we’re gone overnight tonight.  You pack.  You pray some more.  And you rest in the Lord.

Those are my goals for this morning.  Around 2:30 this afternoon we’ll load up and head out, drive several hours into KS, and there the adventure begins.  Or continues, rather.  I think it actually began a year and a half ago when we started our adoption process.

Anyway… those are my thoughts on this day.  Everything still feels surreal.  SO, SO surreal.

I know I don’t have anything profound to say this morning, and I may or may not even make sense as I write.  But I wanted to share with you all on this day as I’m pinching myself to make sure that all of this is “for real,” and to request your prayers on a few specific subjects:

  1. Please ask God to protect this meeting.  That nothing would prevent each party from being able to be there.

  2. Pray that hearts will be open and at peace.

  3. Pray that we, and our birth mom, will remember to ask the questions we need to ask.

  4. Pray that we will form a solid connection with her.  That we’ll love her well.

  5. Pray that we’ll exude JESUS to her.  We don’t know whether she knows Him or not.

  6. Pray that we’ll be at rest in Him, relaxed, and just ourselves.

  7. Pray that Isaac and our housemate Jerusha will have a sweet time together while we’re gone.  That Isaac will be peaceful.

And that… is that.

Friends, thank you, THANK YOU for walking beside us – supporting, praying, being excited along with us.  Oh my goodness – – this is really happening!!

May you know the extravagant heart of your Father toward you today.

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