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On Sirens and Lights and My Current Reality {FMF}

Hola friends!

It’s Friday (almost) and it’s FMF time again over at Lisa-Jo’s place.  And these five-minute blasts of writing are edging closer and closer to becoming my favorite writing that I do.  Simply because it’s raw, uncut, and it kind of feels like an adventure.

If Five Minute Friday is new to you, here’s the scoop:

5 minutes. 1 word. No editing. Just write your guts.  Then encourage some fellow bloggers by reading and commenting. It’s easy and fun and you meet the greatest people.  I’m serious.

Join us here this week if you’d like?

K.  Here we go.  Today’s prompt is:


(By the way, Lisa-Jo admits we just did TRUE in SEPTEMBER as she palms her head.  Then she offers us virtual chocolate, I think.  I’ll take it. 🙂 )


The truth is I wish I could think of something profound to say.  The thought occurs to me, “I could just share the true of my right now with them.”  But is it enough?

Is it?

Maybe the question I’m asking is really am I enough?  Is my current heart status enough to share?

Is it enough to tell them that there’s a police car and an ambulance and a firetruck parked in front of my house tonight because our neighbor kids across the street are in some kind of trouble again?  To mention the sign in our front yard and how our house hasn’t sold yet and how somehow, in the midst of the waiting, I’m finding peace and rest in the Lord?

I mean, don’t get me wrong–I do have days where I want to move out of here so badly I could cry.  But overall, God is so sweetly sustaining my heart and I’m really in awe of His provision, of His grace for this season.

And I just so hope I’m surrendering to Him fully in the midst of this.  Surrendering to the ways He’s working in me in the midst of the waiting.

And I pray I’m not just waiting, but fully living.  Breathing in each moment and embracing each day as if I only get one chance to live it and living well in the here and now.

That this won’t be, at its core, just a season of waiting, but a season of living life alive.  Of trusting Him more deeply.  Of tapping into Him as my ultimate Source of peace, rest, joy while I wait.  While I just live.


I guess it must’ve been enough–because there you have it.  What came out of my heart tonight.

And that whole police/fire/medic/sirens/flashing lights brigade that pulled up?  They were the background music for my FMF post tonight and as quick as they came, they’re gone.  All’s quiet in this neck of the ‘hood again.

Blessings to y’all tonight, my friends.  May your night be sweet and your Friday be peaceful and your weekend be filled with family, refreshing community, and rest in Jesus.

I so deeply appreciate all of you.

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