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On Noticing the Small {FMF}

Hi my friends! Tonight has been — oh my goodness — BEYOND fun.  Some of my FMF friends and I connected via Voxer tonight and Y’ALL!  To quote my friend Aprille – these people have real voices!  Ha!  I love hearing them so much! 🙂  Hooray for online friendships crossing over into real life.


If Five Minute Friday is new to you, here’s the scoop:

5 minutes. 1 word. No editing. Just write your guts.  Then encourage some fellow bloggers by reading and commenting. It’s easy and fun and you meet the greatest people.  I’m serious.

Join us here this week if you’d like?  We’d all be so excited to have you.

K.  Here we go.  Tonight’s prompt is:


He buzzes through my dining room, toward the window, lands on the ledge.  (All flies are he’s, ya know.)

Isaac watches him start to lose steam, goes over to him, pokes him a little, and laughs.  I laugh too, despite being utterly grossed out.

Wonder.  My 3-year-old notices.  And he wonders.  A fly is novel.  Not a nuisance, but a new discovery.

I watch the way my boy notices.

I want to live like that.

Present to my life, to its details, to its small moments.  Present to the mundane, to the pain, to the joy.  Present to the laundry, the dishes, the baby giggles and little boy truck noises.

I find when I zone in and notice the small, I encounter Him.  Or rather, He encounters me.  Unveils Himself.  Pokes His head out from where He was waiting, in my present moment, desiring to reveal His heart to me.

I bask in His pleasure and I notice Him in the midst of all my small.  And I long to live even more present.

To see more.

To wonder more.

To notice more.

To pay attention more.

To live fully alive to my life, fully alive to Him in the midst of it.

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