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On Good Works and Kindness and Wifedom [Hebrews 10:24-25 – GROW in His Word]

Happy Tuesday, friends!

I’m interrupting your regularly scheduled What I’ve Learned in 1 Year of {serious} Blogging series to link up again with new friends Vanessa, Kelsey, Faith, and Melissa (and others!) for GROW in His Word- a link-up in which we use the GROW acronym you’ll see below to discover the heart of God in His Word together.

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Today’s reference is Hebrews 10:24-25.

Also sharing this post over  at Women Living Well. You’ll see why in a few minutes. 🙂


Holy Spirit, open the eyes of my heart as I read the Word this morning.  Let these minutes before You not be about gaining head-knowledge, but about experiencing Scripture as a vehicle to connect with Your heart.

Be my Teacher, Holy Spirit.  Have Your way in my heart this morning.

I lay my heart before You, Father.


Hebrews 10:24-25 And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.


What is the Holy Spirit highlighting to me in these verses?  What do I learn about God’s heart in them?  About what He’s passionate about?

Write (My Initial Thoughts)

These verses are RICH with things that are primary in God’s heart.

Provoking each other to love AND good works.  Love that’s substantiated by good works.  Love that’s not just an emotion or empty words, but love that’s backed up by our actions.

Not giving up meeting together.  Choosing to STAY when church community isn’t easy.  When it’s painful.  Choosing pre-meditated forgiveness.  Forgiveness that says, “You may not have hurt me yet, but you’re human so you likely will, and when you do I’m choosing now to fight back toward your heart, toward open communication, toward mutual forgiveness and understanding.”  Deciding to stick it out for the long haul.

Encouraging one another.  I pray that’s the heart behind all this blogging I do.  I also hope it’s my intentional choice to daily encourage those in my real-life life with my words and actions.  To build up and not tear down.  To avoid cultivating a critical heart toward others, especially my sweet husband.  To choose to see the good, cover the failures with mercy, to exhort and build up and walk beside.

How He Weaves His Message

Interesting thing: My husband and I lead a house church (connected with our greater church fam) and we’re studying the fruit of the Spirit this quarter.

This week’s fruit is kindness, or goodness- depending on your version- and we’re looking at the story of Dorcas (Tabitha) who was “always doing good and helping the poor.”

One of the main emphases of the Hebrews passage is spurring one another on to good works.  Seems like the Lord is linking these things together for me.  Crazy how He speaks so clearly and weaves together different facets of His voice to create a seamless message to my heart.

OH!  Also?  This article popped up on my Facebook news feed this morning from Courtney at Women Living Well.  It’s super practical and even convicting.

The title? “5 Qualities of a KIND Wife.”  I LOVED reading it, and although I don’t often struggle with being unkind or cold toward my husband, going out of my way to be extra kind is always something I can grow in.

Extending Extravagant Kindness

I feel like as a mom I so often fall into feeling like I’m constantly meeting everyone else’s needs – the good ol’ Mommy Martyr Syndrome I’ve written about before.

So going out of my way to extravagantly bless my hubby – to go beyond just doing the day-in, day-out basics for him – sometimes feels like so. much. work.  Despite the fact that he lays down his life to love me so incredibly well.

When I’m tired or drained or feeling sorry for myself, serving him is often one of the first things to fall through my cracks.

BUT – Freely we’ve received, right?

Extravagantly, from the heart and hand of our Father who loves to give good gifts.

And if I’m living in response to God’s extravagance to me, why would I not freely, extravagantly lay my life down to intentionally extend kindness to my husband?  

So.  I’m planning on implementing (by God’s grace) a few of the ideas in the article from Women Living Well this week, and in the spirit of spurring one another on?  Could I challenge you to read it and do the same?

AND, would you ask me in a few days, if you think to, how it’s going?  I’m feeling the need to get practical here. 🙂  Bring on the accountability, ladies. (Gulp.)

I definitely feel like this is the real-life application that the Holy Spirit’s zoning in on for me in this season- even down to the post I wrote yesterday on big dreams and heart-priorities.  I don’t want to give my family, my husband, second best.  I want them to have the first fruits of my life.  Not my leftovers.

Allowing Him Into Our Weak Places

The invitation from the Lord here is into allowing HIM to be my source of grace and strength to extravagantly serve and bless – and then sensing the “well done” of my Father over me as I lean into His grace and lay my life down even more.

And leaning into Him for strength to do the things He asks of us – these things we simply can’t do, or sustain, in our own power – it’s where we encounter Him most intimately.

His strength comes and covers our weak places, and intimacy and trust are really His goals for us in all of this anyway.

Saying yes to You by grace today, Lord. In my weak places, trusting You’ll show Yourself strong.


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