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On Drawing Inward and Roots that Run Deep {if God is real – a guest post at Lori Harris’

Happy Tuesday to y’all, my friends.

Today my dear friend Lori Harris is hosting my writing, and I’m so honored.

Lori is a dear friend who I got to meet in person(!!!) in December when Stan and I were in North Carolina.  Y’all, she is the real. deal.  She drove two hours to meet me and then extended herself even further to meet my heart right where I had need. In the few hours we spent together, I poured out raw guts and she received them and held the right now of my life with such grace.

I love this lady, you guys.

 And her writing?  It draws me in and moves my heart toward Jesus time and time again.  She is so candid, so in love with Him, and wraps her heart so beautifully in story.

As Lori is preparing to host the IF Gathering for her city this weekend, she asked me if I’d contribute a post for her blog on the prompt, “If God is real, then…”

I said yes with tears in my eyes.

So.  Without further ado — here’s an excerpt from my post over at Lori’s place:

On Drawing Inward and Roots that Run Deep

{if God is real…}

My 3-year-old Little Mister and I head out this morning as the snow is beginning to fall, me with no makeup and him still half in pj’s with wild bedhead.  We trek a few minutes down the road to the grocery store for baby food.  And donuts, because on a snowy morning with the entire family at home, how can we resist?

The snow falls strangely, in tiny white pellets.  It’s mixed with ice and just a few minutes into our storm, the roads are already growing slick.

I’m thankful we get to go home and hole up together for the day.

We’ve spent the last 7 days fighting sickness in our household, from a stomach bug that gripped our boy last weekend, to my husband’s worst-sinus-infection-in-the-history-of-the-world, to my borderline cold.  Baby girl is the only one who’s stayed well.

But all the sickness has been a gift in disguise, right in line with what the Lord’s been pressing into my heart in these days.

In recent weeks, Stan My Man and I have stepped down from all our leadership responsibilities in our church family here in downtown Kansas City….


Would you join me over at Lori’s place to finish reading my heart today? I’d be honored (and would just really love for you to meet my friend).

Know someone who'd appreciate this?

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