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On Depositing Love-Currency {In Which I’m Utterly Stumped by the Five Minute Friday Prompt}

Hey my friends!

Linking up tonight EARLY – YAY LISA-JO! – with this incredible crowd of spontaneous writers for Five Minute Friday.  Join us?

It’s so fun, y’all.  5 minutes, no editing or over thinking.  Just write.


So this week’s word is RED and I am STRUGGLING here.  I’ve got nothing.

<<cricket.  cricket.>>

{That’s it!  The red balls at Target!  Thanks to Heather at My Melodious Heart for the Target clue!}

Okay.  My son adores the giant, red, concrete balls outside of Target.

Every. single. time. we walk in there, he asks to stop and hug the concrete balls.

Why does this matter?

It’s about investing time.

So we stop on the way into the store, and while he stands there and hugs the giant ball and tries unsuccessfully to climb on top of it, my arm burns with the weight of my littlest one’s car seat and I’m thinking of the other 2 errands we have to run and hoping we make it before baby girl needs a bottle again-

But I’m speaking his love language.

And when we come out of the store and he yet again wants to pay the ball a visit and I stand patiently one more time while he checks it out (as if it’s somehow changed in the last 30 minutes)?

I’m depositing love-currency in his heart.

It’s the currency that makes obedience a more likely response to my words.  That makes his face light up when I walk in the room.  That secures him and gives him confidence and a sense of all’s-well-with-the-world.

So.  Despite my burning car-seat-carrying muscles and my to-do list that stretches a mile long?

I think we’ll stop and check out the giant red concrete balls.


OOOOOOKAY, that was still really hard.  Felt like pulling teeth to get those few words out, and it feels vulnerable and somewhat ridiculous to launch this post out into cyberspace in all of its raw no-clue-what-I’m-doing-ness.

But – ya know – this is what FMF is all about, right?

So.  Here I go.



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