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On Being Human {a guest post at Victoria Doyle’s}

Happy Wednesday my friends!  I mentioned in Monday’s post that I had a guest post coming up soon — and today’s the day.

My new friend Victoria is hosting my words at her place and lemme tell ya, I’m honored.  This gal is a blessing and she is fierce.  AND?  When I sent her the first version of this piece, she gave me the most honest, incredible feedback — possibly that I’ve ever received.  This piece is better {and riskier} because of her input.  I’m thankful to her for pushing me a bit further out of my comfort zone than I would have ventured on my own.

Okay.  Deep breath.

I hereby offer my words to you, beginning here, and then concluding over at Victoria’s place.  Please join me there, and even leave feedback (either here in my space or over at Victoria’s) if you’d like.  It would bless me, and her, so much.

On Being Human

I felt strong today.

Unafraid, alive, and authentic.

I walked in and I owned the room.  Not in a way that drew unnecessary attention, but in a way that was confident, not desperate for approval, and therefore wide open and ready to love well.  Able to give of myself unhindered.

I was secure.  Steady.

That was this morning. Tonight?  I find myself raw, feeling anything but steady.  How can a person swing so far in one day?  My heart weighs a thousand pounds and it’s bleeding a bit – aching with this desperation to feel seen.  Understood.  Embraced in my core.

It’s my Achilles heel, this weakness.  It’s all too familiar.

I take deep breath after deep breath, reaching for relief from the pressure on my chest.  It’s not physical — it’s emotional and even with all my sighing, it doesn’t lift.


Inviting you to finish reading my heart over at Victoria’s.  Your presence, both here and there, is treasured.

 Also – linking this post up at Jennifer Dukes Lee’s for #TellHisStory and Emily Wierenga’s for #ImperfectProse.

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