• Dana L. Butler

On Becoming Noticers

On becoming noticers.  2 parts: Present to life, present to people. (and to God throughout.)

The nap time peace pervades the atmosphere in my home.  I sigh with contentment, grab some peanut butter, a banana, and some eagerly anticipated coffee, and walk toward my dining room table.  I pull out a chair, sweep toys aside, create room for my little nap time snacking sanctuary.

And then it hits me:

For the last 30 seconds, I’ve been writing my life in my head.  I mean, just like I wrote it above.  I’m moving toys out of my way and subconsciously thinking, “I sweep toys aside….” etc.

How ridiculous! I thought.  I’m thinking in blog posts again.

And then the craziest thing happened.


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