• Dana L. Butler

On #4thFridays {in which I take a deep breath and share the recording of my talk}

Places like 4th Fridays. Places like behind a microphone for the purpose of making my way through sharing a chunk of my soul, as opposed to leading worship (which actually is exposing my soul too, but in a different form).

I’d never done this before.

But they came — 30 or so of our church family and a handful of other, beautiful creative friends from around the city — and they listened. Rooted for me through my nervousness and were such gracious, engaged recipients of my heart for the first half hour or so of the evening.

And then it happened. They broke up into small groups, and y’all? The sharing of art and hearts and stories that unfolded — it undid me. I walked around taking photographs and videos and as I observed the interactions within those groups of around 7-9 people each, waves of HOLY washed over my heart.

This was Kingdom stuff. Creative community for the glory of Jesus. Precious souls peeking out and allowing themselves to be seen and known in new ways, right before my eyes.

There’s so much more I could say, and I might, eventually — but right now feels like time for quiet pondering more than speaking.

That said, I’ll leave you with this, though my hands shake a little as I do. It’s my first ever attempt at “public speaking” in a non-worship-leading context. Going back to listen, I hear my nerves so frequently and if I’m honest, I was a little bummed by how much I felt like they affected my speaking.

BUT. I made it through, and a number of you have asked… so, without further ado, my talk from our first ever #4thfriday. The recording was cut off at a weird place at the end, and we can’t figure out why. But this is the first portion of the evening, followed by a little bit of a debrief at the end of the night.

So much love to y’all, my friends.

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