• Dana L. Butler

Oh, How Uniquely You Move God’s Heart

Dear friend… I just wanted to remind you today….

  1. That you were known intimately by God before you were woven together in your mother’s womb

  2. That you were uniquely created to satisfy and fulfill parts of God’s heart that no one else can. 

  3. That one glance from your eye overwhelms His heart.

  4. That He knows you deeply, through and through… and yet He adores you.

  5. That He fights on your behalf.

  6. That He delights and sings and dances with joy…over you.

  7. That His thoughts toward you are more numerous than the sand on the shore.

  8. That no other human being on Earth can move His heart the way that you do.  

Yes, YOU.

Just felt like I should tell you today that your heart matters to Him, so much… more than you could possibly know. 

Please don’t forget.  Ever.  And don’t let the enemy tell you otherwise.  He’s a liar.

Be blessed today to deeply know Your Father’s fierce, wild delight over your heart….

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