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Oh Boy. Am I Ever Jumping. [Five Minute Friday]

WELL! This has never happened.  I’m up at midnight and Five Minute Friday over at Lisa Jo’s place is up and running. I was on my way to bed… but… what’s 5 less minutes of sleep, right?

Here I go.  

The word?  JUMP.

Oh. boy.  Am I ever jumping.  How insanely appropriate, this word. Out of all the false humility and fear of man that have held me back.  Out of the fear… well, just fear in general.  Taking some huge leaps forward these days. I wrote an eBook.  Never, EVER thought I’d do that.  For some reason, the thought of writing one of those was always even more intimidating than writing a regular ol’ read-it-on-paper book.  Guess that would be due mostly to my technologically-challenged-ness. Anyway.  Said eBook will be releasing THIS Saturday night.  And I’ve overcome my animosity toward technology in this process enough to say this: I AM SO EXCITED TO SHARE THIS. The title?  Stillness Manifesto:  A Call to NON-Action (Complete with NON-Instructions.)   Yup.  Jumping.  Still a little afraid. But going for it.  Pursuing what I feel is a huge piece of my calling.  Trusting the Lord with the details. Off a stinkin’ cliff. Thankful He’s waiting at the bottom! STOP. 🙂

No editing, no over-thinking.  Just write your guts.  

Check it out – happens weekly over here at Lisa-Jo’s.

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