• Dana L. Butler

Moving Update….(and some random cuteness)

Hi friends,

We have been waiting to set a move date for sure because we weren’t positive that the sellers of our new house would be moved into THEIR new house in time for us to close on time, thought we might have to extend the contract, etc. BUT…. We found out today that they are ALREADY in the process of moving out! Woohoo!! They plan to be out completely by our scheduled closing date of July 25, which means…. It looks like we will move Sunday afternoon/evening July 31st. YAY!!! So excited to have this season of limbo OVER with and to get into our new home, to paint and unpack and decorate and actually STAY there for a while. 🙂 Haha. Thank you Lord!!

And THAT… is that. I’ll leave you with some random cuteness. 🙂

(I always forget to turn the camera the right way at first when I video….)

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