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Moments and Invitations: The Heart Behind the Changes

Hola, My Friends!

If you’re reading this blog post from your inbox, may I invite you to click on the title and hop on over to my blog today? This post will make a lot more sense if you do. 🙂

So things have changed a lot around here in the last 24 hours.  This redesign has actually been in the works for the last week or so and was in “dream phase” for about a month before that.  I’ll try and explain briefly.

When I started blogging more regularly about 2 months ago, all of these… things…these passions… began to be awakened inside of me.  I found myself writing more than I ever dreamed I would, or could… and I began to discover things that the Lord had put inside of me that I’m not sure if I even knew were there. 

So I embarked on this journey of writing these things out, and in it my heart has been really, deeply moved, I believe by the Holy Spirit, to reach out to the hearts of other women.  

Prior to this experience, I had this vague feeling that the Lord had deposited things in me that were meant to be shared with many others…possibly via writing… but I also struggled with false humility: these voices that whispered, “Who do you think you are? Why is what God’s put inside of YOU so important? What makes you think it’s worth spending the time and energy to write it all out? There are so many GREAT Christian writers and bloggers out there – – what makes your voice significant in that vast ocean?”

Know what I mean?  I’m quite positive I’m not the only one who’s struggled with that train of thought.

I think what happened a couple of months ago was that I finally came to the conclusion that I needed to DO what I felt God had given me to do… to lift up my head and raise my voice above those little lying voices and freely, confidently, fully BE who God’s created me to be and EXPRESS myself in the ways He’s asking me to… and trust that He will develop a loving, supportive community (at whatever level He chooses) here in this space, made up of those to whom He’ll speak and bring healing through my writing… whether that’s 20 people or 2,000.

So… in recent weeks, as my mission and purpose for blogging have become so much more clearly defined in my mind and heart, I’ve had the desire to redesign my blog to clearly reflect this purpose and heart:

Moments and Invitations

Learning to discern and respond to God’s tender pursuit of our hearts… in every moment, and every season.

These things are my heart and my reason for existence, and they’re the things that have completely changed [and are still changing!] my life and my walk with Jesus.

And my passion is to share these moments and invitations and this radical journey with other women… to see them made whole and unleashed to live with wild joy and crazy freedom and vibrant, fully alive hearts… as they learn to encounter and be resourced by Jesus in the midst of day-to-day life… whatever the season.

Hence this blog.  And hence all of the changes.  This is my heart, and a piece of my calling, I believe.

Thank you so much to all of you who have read and engaged and commented and allowed the Father to work in your hearts through the pieces of my journey that you’ve encountered here.  You all encourage and bless my heart more than I can tell you.

Father, take these poured out offerings and use them for Your glory… whatever it looks like.  Really… whatEVER.  Let me hold it all with open hands, step back, and trust You to have Your way in this place.

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