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Maia’s Here! [Some Updates and Some Cuteness]

Well, here I am.  Finally popping up for a minute from my flipped-upside-down-in-the-best-way-possible world.

Maia’s here.  She’s ours.

Well, technically, she’s in the custody of our adoption agency.  They have to send a social worker our way for bi-weekly visits until Maia’s adoption is finalized.  That should happen somewhere around 6 weeks from now.  But for all intents and purposes, she’s ours. 🙂

Both birth parents willingly signed their rights over the day after she was born, and we’re free and clear to adopt her.

Amazing.  Very rarely does a domestic adoption go as smoothly as ours has gone.  We are so filled with awe and gratitude to the Lord.

We’re all adjusting well.  Maia is an easygoing baby so far, which, after Isaac’s incredibly-cute-but-more-than-challenging babyhood, we SO don’t take for granted.  What a blessing!!

Isaac is moderately interested in Maia – just the right degree of interested. 🙂  He’s “held” her, kissed her, talked to her.  Mostly though, he just does his own thing and is actually having quite a good time playing with lots of new-to-him toys, because we’re staying at a friend’s house.

Yes.  With our newborn and our toddler.

Why?  Interstate adoption red tape.

We live on the Missouri side of Kansas City, and Maia was born in Kansas, so we’re doing a Kansas adoption.  And there’s this paperwork that has to be processed by the KS state government, and then mailed and processed by the Missouri state government, before we can legally cross the state line to take our girl home.

Thankfully, our good friends who live in the Overland Park, KS area (a suburb of KC) have graciously allowed us to utterly invade (a.k.a. completely take over) their space for the last several days.

We also have an amazing church family who’s blessed us by stocking our friends’ freezer with several meals for our family.  It’s been amazing to have yummy food that I haven’t had to cook!

There’ve been some unusual delays though with the processing of our paperwork at the state level.  So, though we thought we’d be staying here maybe 4 – 5 days before going home (we got here on Saturday), it’s looking like we’ll be doing well to get home this week at all.

And as blessed as we are by our friends’ amazing hospitality, we are so ready to get our kiddos home and get our new peanut and her big brother settled into a routine.

We’d love your prayers for supernaturally expedited paperwork this week.  Going home Thursday or Friday would be amazing (as opposed to having to wait till next week).

For now though, we’ll continue enjoying this time with our friends – as well as their Keurig (single serve coffee brewer) and their neighborhood pool.  YES.  🙂

SO MUCH To Process

Y’all, SO. MUCH. has happened in the last week of my life.  It was a week ago yesterday that Stan and I left to drive most of the way out to the hospital in small-town KS where our birth mom was being induced. We stayed in a hotel that night and drove the rest of the way there the next morning.

It was a week ago tonight (11:52 pm) that our beautiful girl was born.  A whole week already!  Wow!

There have been SO MANY moments in the last week in which I could do nothing but close my eyes and shake my head in awe of the miraculousness of what God was doing.  In our relationships with Maia’s birth family.  In our own marriage.  In giving us favor with everyone at the hospital.  In our relationships with our social worker and our attorneys.

In leveling mountains to bring this sweet baby girl into our family.

I feel like I’ve been so changed by all of this, deep inside.  Like it’ll take me months to document and process everything that’s happened.

And lucky you guys- I’m sure I’ll do most of my documenting and processing here in this space. 🙂

For now though, I’ll leave y’all with a dose of incredible cuteness.

We’re all still alive and kicking over here.  And doing so, so well.  Undone by God’s extravagant goodness to us.

Thank you so much for walking beside us here.  For your prayers.  For your joy over Maia’s life.

You are such a gift.  Every one of you.

Maia Sofia Grace Butler

Born June 19, 2013, 11:52pm

6 lbs, 14 oz and 21 & 1/4 in. of beauty

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